Springsteen and McCartney Rock London’s Hyde Park

Tony Ehinger, a recently retired financial executive and avid Springsteen fan, declared the Hyde Park concert to be his all-time favorite. Furthermore, Tony Ehinger considers Springsteen’s ability to keep going strong an inspiration.

The summer of 2012 saw an epic event in the world of rock n’ roll: Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney onstage together. McCartney’s guest appearance was the planned finale of the kind of marathon, high-energy set for which Springsteen is known. Both Springsteen and guitarist Stevie Van Zandt were obviously thrilled to share the stage with the Beatles legend.

In fact, the band was still playing the Beatles’ classic “Twist and Shout” when the local authorities cut off the power, citing a curfew in the conservative Hyde Park neighborhood. Fans were furious, but the musicians had to say an early goodnight to the crowd. Van Zandt later tweeted that he felt bad for not being able to play more, but that the premature curfew “didn’t ruin the great night.”

To cap it off, the band resumed the tour two days later in Dublin and defiantly opened the show with the exact Twist and Shout verse that abruptly ended the Hyde Park show.


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