The Kitchen – Pioneer of the Farm-to-Table Movement

Farm to Table pic

Farm to Table

Formerly the co-head of global securities at Credit Suisse, Tony Ehinger retired from the company in 2011. Outside of his professional interests, Tony Ehinger maintains a passion for farming and is a major supporter of the farm-to-table movement.

The farm-to-table movement started with the idea of creating community through food. Two early pioneers of the movement were Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson. Kimbal Musk graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York and discovered his passion for feeding people in a meaningful way while volunteering to serve food to firefighters and rescue workers following the September 11 attacks.

Hugo Matheson, formerly the chef at Mateo in Boulder, Colorado, grew up in England. His childhood consisted of meals prepared with ingredients sourced locally. His transition into an American restaurant career made him realize that using produce and ingredients from local farmers was unusual in the United States. In an attempt to reinvigorate that tradition, he partnered with Kimbal Musk in 2003 to open The Kitchen.

The Kitchen focused initially on building trust with local farmers and creating foods using locally sourced ingredients. Previously, farmers and restaurants lacked rapport, primarily because growers were skeptical that restaurants would fulfill their intended orders. The farm-to-table movement founding fathers changed that by accepting any and all ingredients when the restaurant first opened. Over time, they were able to place orders with local growers on a regular basis.

Following these principles, The Kitchen has thrived and expanded to include Next Door, a restaurant serving flatbreads and appetizers. Along the way, the farm-to-table movement has grown in popularity across America.


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