Three Reasons to Eat Local

Tony Ehinger pic

Tony Ehinger

Tony Ehinger retired from Credit Suisse in 2011, after serving as a finance executive in the company for 25 years, most recently in their investment banking division. Tony Ehinger now devotes his energy supporting his local food community at Sandy Farms in New Jersey.

The importance of eating locally has gained momentum in recent years with the promotion of the farm-to-table movement. From a practical point of view, the advantages of consuming locally sourced food makes sense for a variety of reasons.

1. Financial – Buying food grown or produced in your own city keeps money and jobs close by, supporting the local economy.

2. Health – Food from a local farmer or farmer’s market may be healthier. Often, if a farmer sells his food at a regional stand or market, the food contains less or none of the harmful pesticides used by farmers who transport their product.

3. Flavor – If fruits and vegetables don’t have to be shipped across the country to reach the consumer, they can ripen longer, yielding better flavor.


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