The Benefits of Eating Locally Sourced Food

Farm to Table pic

Farm to Table

With 25 years behind him at Credit Suisse in various leadership positions, Tony Ehinger retired from his role as co-head of global securities for the bank’s investment banking division in 2011. Since then, Tony Ehinger has been farming in New Jersey at Sandy Farm, which participates in the farm-to-table movement.

The farm-to-table movement refers to the preparation of dishes with locally sourced ingredients. According to the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, local food must not travel beyond 400 miles from its source. On average, food considered local only travels 44.6 miles, while the average for conventionally sourced food is more than 1,500 miles. Reducing the distance food has to travel minimizes emissions, which is one of the reasons many people are participating in the farm-to-table movement.

Another is to reconnect with food as a seasonal source of nutrition and togetherness. Cooking and eating simple, local food as a family or a community happens less frequently today as we have more access to processed foods that require little time to prepare. Along with offering health benefits, local food provides an opportunity to slow down.


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