Bruce Springsteen’s Attempt to Land Song in a Harry Potter Film


Bruce Springsteen pic

Bruce Springsteen

Since retiring from Credit Suisse after a 25-year career at the firm, Tony Ehinger has been involved in the local food movement through his work at Sandy Farm in Harding, New Jersey. Also a music fan, Tony Ehinger especially enjoys listening to Bruce Springsteen.

Although many people are familiar with Bruce Springsteen’s music, few may be aware that he once pitched a song for inclusion in a Harry Potter movie. Springsteen describes the song, titled “I’ll Stand by You Always,” as a ballad, which he wrote for his oldest son, Evan.

It is possible that the song was not accepted because no Harry Potter film has ever included a song with lyrics. So far, all of the franchise’s soundtracks have been orchestral scores written by John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, and other composers.

Although the song was rejected for the Harry Potter film, Springsteen does not rule out writing another song for a future film, and he hopes to one day write a song for a children’s movie.


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